Each class helps you work towards reaching your "Let's Train" Goals
Let's Train !!

What do you feel when you hear the words “Covid-19”, “”Pandemic”, National Lockdown”, “Curfews,” “Social distancing”, “Long Term” ?  

Many are experiencing  feelings of urgency due to the negative  impact this virus has on all sectors of our livelihood – personal lives, professional lives, family lives, and even  the wellbeing of their extended families (pets).  Some feel fear, dread, loneliness, frustration, confusion, discouragement, boxed in.


Covid – 19 is a  serious virus that cannot be ignored, and all policies and procedures that the Government have put into place for our safety, must be upheld despite that  many people (and pets) now probably starting to suffer from cabin fever.


Now if we say the words – “Let’s Train !”  I am willing to bet a box of Dog Biscuits that a couple of smiles have emerged from our readers and maybe even a couple of wagging tails if said out loud.


Even with the unsurety of National Lockdown levels and when and what will be permitted -  K9 Academy can bring some normal back to your day. 

Let’s Train ! And the best part is you and your pooch won’t even have to leave your home or fear breaking any laws.


K9 Academy is now proud to announce we have moved with the times and you can stay in connect with us through Zoom, What’s App or Skype.  We are available for one-on-one consults, classes, addressing and assessing certain behavourial problems, and discussing any concerns you may have that are unique to your household. 

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Join us for a Zoom class (again from the comfort on your home – we suggest the garden).  Maximum of 6 people log on and our K9 Trainer Moira Meyer leads the class and demonstrates with one of her own dogs (so she has to work with all the same issues the students are struggling with).

This setup is suitable for everyone, even the kids can participate, or more than 1 dog.  It all depends how much focus will be required from all involved.

The reason we have started online classes is to prevent any training you might have invested in the dog before Lockdown from getting lost, building up the dogs current skills set, building your confidence with you and your dog and the simple truth is… is FUN and a tired pup is a happy peaceful sleeping one.

What better way to spend time with your K9 while under Lockdown and gaining the following:

A focused pup

A happy food driven dog anxious to learn and please you 

Beginning the process to a well trained, well balanced and polite dog.

Learning basic commands. 

Learning a couple of tricks. 

Advice on games that will help your pup make “right” choices, while  having  fun and burning off some energy.

A stronger bond between you and your pup. The word pup does not only relate to young puppies. 

With these online classes or individual class we can assess and recommend the best training course for your pup - whether he/she is six weeks old or six years old – so that neither your pup nor you will feel frustrated or stressed.

What Do I Need ?

What you will need to do:

-          Email us on, download the form and send back to us

-          Internet.  We have students using their phones, tablets or laptops – all work well.

-          The first initial online meeting will be approxiamately 30 mins long.  It is advisable that the pup be fed a   light meal a couple of hours before training as we need them food motivated.

-          Not necessary but nice to have – dog bed, dog toy, clicker, stable small wooden box.

-          Doggy treats.  We can advise what is the best treat to consider depending on your individual dog.

-          A good sense of humour.  Let’s Train is all about getting the best out of your dog while having fun and strengthening relationship between you and your dog.

-          No punishment, shouting, shock collars, prong collars etc. will be permitted.


We are able to do Skype consultations (private) to address any individual concerns / progress feedback.

What's App

A What's App meeting can be arranged where your individual concerns are addressed.  A meeting time will be scheduled and addressed via What's App video calls or What's App messages and video clips.

In Person

At times it may be necessary to meet in person - either at your home, work or at K9 Academy.  This is best when having to assess a certain behaviour concern.