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Daycare is a great solution if:

You have a puppy and cant leave it alone at home.

Your dog is storm phobic and you want to know he/she is safe while you at work.

You working late and your dog is driving you nuts with high energy demands this is a great way for him/her to play the day away and be a little more settled when you get home.

We supervise the dogs and ensure that they are happy and friendly with the dogs they are playing with as well as ensuring that they have proper rest times and for pups also their mid day meal.

Up to date vaccinations and booking is essential.

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fun walks

Regular fun walks are scheduled in and around the farming area and we try to arrange walks in many different areas.  We are going to have a fun walk at uMdloti during the first half of the year as well as walks at many different venues.  Why walk your dog?? Well its fun and good for both of you to be out and about in nature and you can take advantage of all the many training opportunities, food refusal, don't chase the buck, rabbit etc and of course polite leash manners.

Due to the wildlife walks are all on lead but there is often time for a quick swim in the farm dams while on the walk.

Contact us for details of the next walk.

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Workshops can be arranged in your area for a weekend training program

Minimum numbers are required but the workshop can be tailored to specific requirements from basic obedience to protection training and tracker training. 

We also do run Canine Freestyle heelwork to music and clicker workshops at our training grounds.

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community involvement

In 2007 Moira started an outreach in the local Bruntville township training the children and their dogs on a saturday morning. 

What was supposed to be a July holiday program expanded and extended to what is now today the Bruntville Dog Project (https://www.bruntvilledogproject.com/ ) manged by Cheryl Kean and her family.

K9 Academy is still involved with the Train the Trainer program and assist wherever possible to encourage and motivate these amazing tallented youngsters and their dogs.

Bruntville Dog Project