REHAB:  hydrotherapy, injury/post operative care, slim and spa package

Enabling better quality of life

Why chose Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is known to speed up recovery after an injury or surgery as well as assist with gentle no impact exercise for dogs that suffer from arthritis.  All dogs that are recovering from any form of injury or have any health conditions have to be referred by your vet before we can design any form of exercise regime for them.

In addition to the benefits for dogs recovering from injuries, swimming is also an excellent way to burn off excess energy for those “busy” dogs.  Dogs that are overweight also benefit from this gentle form of exercise which does not put any added pressure on their joints. 

Watch out for our new Spa package specifically designed for overweight dogs.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

1) Non weight bearing (so no concussive force on joints)

2) Cardiovascular exercise

3) Superior flexion of joints.

4) Core muscles activation.

5) Improves strength and proprioception.





So much fun when we teach pups how to swim too.



We understand how difficult it is to see your precious fur baby injured or recovering from an operation.  We also understand how difficult it is to keep them quiet while they recover unless you have the correct facilities.  

At “K9” Academy we offer cage rest with a difference. Your precious furry friend receives gentle handling and lots of love together with feeding games to ensure that they do not get bored. 


All cages have heater lamps and comfortable thick beds with fluffy covers that are changed and washed daily or more often if necessary.   

We also take our patients out into the sunshine and sit with them in a playpen so that they get some fresh air and at night they spend some time in front of the TV with us so that they still get family time.   

There is also the option of hydrotherapy when your vet recommends it as well as massage.  

Cage rest



Misty after having lost 8kgs

Ok, so its not something that any of us like to talk about but … Your dog overweight??

  We see our dogs every day so often we don’t notice the tell tale signs of  obesity and the negative effect it is having on their lives.   Did you know that being just 20% overweight can reduce your dogs life span?  

Did you know that being overweight, in addition to just making going for a walk more difficult, also has a list of serious health problems attached to it?

So what are some of the signs that your dog may be overweight?  

Sleeping more and generally being less energetic,
this can also be due to pain and other medical conditions.         

No visible waist           

 Shortness of breath           

Slower moving           
Fat roll at base of tail  

Please take note that this treatment is in conjunction with an approved weight loss food as recommend by a Veterinary Nutritional Adviser.  

This pamper package includes:



Exercise routines



Fun playtime and relaxation

   This package excludes food.