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When we speak of Let's Train we are talking about helping you to equip your pup with lifeskills that will help it to live a full and happy life as a family member.

Let's Train stands for Life skills Essential Towards Success,

                                                                Trust, Respect, Attention, Identify Problems and Never Give Up!

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We only use positive reinforcement training methods and believe in helping you to train your dog to develop life skills to enable it to make better decisions and cope with living in our human environment in harmony with you.

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 Classes Offered

Let's Train

We are a very proudly sponsored and approved Hills Puppy School and are committed to both you and your puppy's ongoing growth and development

Weekly classes are offered at our training venue:

Puppy Class

Suitable for puppies between 10 and 20 weeks.  Fun life skill training which includes socialisation in a controlled manner and basic obedience commands

Tweenie Class

Suitable for puppies that have graduated from Puppy Level 1 or Puppies over the age of 20 weeks who need to learn some basic good manners.  This level continues to build on the skills achieved in level 1.

Teenager Good Manners

Suitable for puppies over the age of 6 months who have either graduated from Puppy Level 2 or already have a good basic foundation of obedience skills.  These classes continue to hone your pups life skills while helping them to learn to make better decisions and develop self control.

Weekly classes are offered at our training venue

Teenage Good Manners

We have all been there, that beautifully behaved puppy suddenly becomes a teenager and seems to have forgotten all that you so carefully taught him or her.  These classes help you to regain your control and continue to build your relationship with your precious fur brat while having fun together.  All dogs must have a basic understanding of common obedience commands.

Canine Good Citizen classes are based on the requirements for the KUSA tests.  You can have a look at the KUSA website (see links below) or email us for more information.  The good citizen test is based on developing a solid relationship with you dog and knowing how your dog will respond in varying situations.

Canine Good Citizen Bronze

Canine Good Citizen Silver

Canine Good Citizen Gold

We also offer classes at our venue for


Clicker Training

K9 Freestyle (Heelwork to Music)


Additional classes offered at our training venue

Protection Training