A unique package where you and your precious fur baby get the best of both worlds

We all know that it's ideal to train your puppies and dogs yourself but sometimes that just isn't possible.

For those who can't do the training themselves there is a better option than an ill mannered and undisciplined dog....

We offer in-house boarding and training at "K9" Academy.

The dogs are not kept in kennels but stay in our dog hotel with our own dogs in this way they not only get the formal training but also general "house" manners and socializing.

Training packages available:

          Puppy Level 1

          Tweenie - AKA Puppy Level 2

          Teenage Good Manners

          Protection Training

          Tracker Training

          Canine Good Citizen

          Agility Basics

          Single Problem Focus -  This package is designed to cover one basic    

         problem that you really need "fixed" i.e. leash towing, Jumping up,

         Chasing cats etc.

All packages require the puppy or adult dog to stay with us at our dog hotel for the training period but this is not where the training ends. 

Dogs can't generalise so the next step is to reintroduce the puppy or dog to your home and ensure that they understand that all the same rules and cues still apply.  In-house packages also require you to do follow up training with your pup and are not a magic wand, you will also be required to work with your dog/pup.