"K9" & Protection Academy

VIP Protection Course



Who is this course for:

The course is designed for VIP Protection Services Officials who put their lives at risk for the safeguarding of their client.

It is important to realize that in addition to being a marksman and able to perform martial arts with skill, speed and dexterity, close protection also encompasses planning for multiple different situations and threats and as far as possible preventing your client from being in any form of  danger.

Yes, you need to be able to protect your client in any and all bad situations, however, if you have to use force in a field mission, you have led your VIP into a danger zone that should have been avoided from the start. If your VIP was to be attacked, the chances are that another backup attack is prepared and waiting for the ideal time to engage.

This secondary attack would usually be more organized and well implemented since if you were operating under cover they now know you which increases the danger. If you are operating in a two-man team and you’ve engaged a threat, your secondary agent will have already left the scene with the VIP. This means you are now alone to handle the secondary attack and your VIP now only has one person with him to protect him from any possible further attack.

Before being accepted to take part in this course there is a selection process which includes:

a)  Fitness test

b)  Drivers License and Basic Driving

c)  Firearm Competency and Basic Shooting

d)  Mental Assessment

Course includes:

Reconnaissance Introduction, Intermediate & Advanced Scene Safety

First Aid

          Critical first aid

           Specific Medical Conditions

Protocol and etiquette

Bodyguard attire & accoutrements

Escort Theory

      Personnel Escort  

      Pedestrian Escort

      House Safety

      Event Safety

Practical Escort


      House Safety

      Riding Shotgun

      Air Marshal



      Skid Pan

      Pit Maneuver


      Personnel Escort

      Embus / Debus


The body guard and the law

 Introduction to conflict management

 Unarmed combat intense training

Firearm handling intense training