"K9" & Protection Academy


· Firearm Confidence Training

· This is NOT competency training. This training is for those that already have their competency and want to build their confidence and ability to use their weapon for self defense.

· Control your fear/stress and respond with a clear head.

· How to clear blockages / jams safely

· Handling and basic field stripping of the firearm in all situations.

· Focus on safe handling of weapons at all times

·  Small classes and one on one training. Each class structured to bring out the best in you and encourage you while you have fun while learning. Its well documented that having fun while learning ensures that the information sticks.

· Wide variety of targets ensuring that you learn to discriminate and make quick decisions when shooting. Fun steel challenge and moving targets as well as shape, colour and number challenges.

· These courses are designed around each persons level of confidence.    

· Private training at farm ranges available provided safety protocols are met.