"K9" & Protection Academy

There comes a time in anyone’s life where he/she wished, they had more control or were more prepared….

That’s why we created Xtreme Academy!

The world we live in is violent and unfortunately I think most of us know someone who has been attacked or threatened. It is no good saying “it will never happen to me….”

Nothing can prepare you for anything as much as practice, practice and more practice.

Why is it that the Seals are so effective and successful? Because they practice over and over until they can do it successfully.

At the Academy we teach you the value of being observant, pro-active and how to stay calm when panicking is not the answer.

Most of us have had some form of training at some stage, but how much of that will you be able to apply right now?

More than one will claim they can handle their firearm, until placed in a simulated situation. Then the wheels fall of and they are embarrassed and you never see them again. This all could have been prevented if they had just taken the time to familiarize themselves again and refresh their skills again. There is nothing to be embarrassed about if you rusty, not everyone have the opportunity to train and stay on top of their game at all the time.

We at the Academy take each individual and train them so to be the best they can be in any situation. Training is tailored to YOUR needs not a set curriculum.

We love teaching you to be the best you can be, giving you the confidence to cope and survive despite the odds.

Email us at info@1xtreme.co.za

or call 071 382 8772