"K9" & Protection Academy

Hills SMART Puppy Classes

We are very proud to be an accredited and sponsored Hills Puppy School!

Classes are held twice a week and each class helps you to work towards the SMART puppy goals.

What does SMART puppy mean?

S     =  Sociable ( A sociable puppy that gets along with other animals and humans and has confidence in most situations)

M    =     Mannered ( A mannered puppy is a puppy that behaves appropriately both in public and at home.)

A    =     Attentive (An attentive puppy is aware of its owners and adapts well to different        environments)

R    =     Relaxed ( Alert, calm and friendly)

T     =     Trained ( A trained puppy that enjoys learning and interacting with its owners)

At “K9” Academy we not only help you to teach your adorable little bundle of fur how to behave in a class but we also help you to set the boundaries in place that will lead to a long and happy life together.

Our classes are fun and have a relaxed atmosphere designed to help you to relax and enjoy training your puppy.