"K9" & Protection Academy

Post Operative Care

As from the 1st May we will be accepting dogs and cats for post opp case Please ensure that you read our protocols on the booking email.

Office No: 071 382 8772

Email: info@trainingk9.co.za

We understand how difficult it is to see your precious fur baby injured or recovering from an operation.  We also understand how difficult it is to keep them quiet while they recover unless you have the correct facilities. 

At “K9” Academy we offer cage rest with a difference, your precious furry friend receives gentle handling and lots of love together with feeding games to ensure that he does not get board.  All cages have heater lamps and comfortable thick beds with fluffy covers that are changed and washed daily or more often if necessary. 

We also take our patients out into the sunshine and sit with them in a playpen so that they get some fresh air and at night they spend some time in front of the tv with us so that they still get family time.   There is also the option of hydrotherapy when your vet recommends it as well as massage and grooming.