"K9" & Protection Academy

Puppy Basic Training

The ideal will always be to train your own puppy!

For those people who physically can’t manage, suddenly find they just don’t have the time (or patience) to deal with a new puppy and a new job or baby there are solutions.....

Rather than end up with a pup you can’t enjoy because it is just too naughty (untrained) send it to us for basic puppy training. 

At “K9” Academy puppies are trained exactly as if they were our own pups in our house with our dogs.  We make sure they have plenty of socializing with appropriate other puppies and gentle kind handling.  We also take them out and about to make full use of the critical socialization period to meet as many different situations as possible.  In addition they learn the basics of the SMART puppy course and some good manners in the house too.

Office No: 071 382 8772

Email: info@trainingk9.co.za