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We are very proud to advise that our new hydrotherapy pool is complete and oh my what fun the dogs are having.The pool is heated (between 27 and 30 degrees) and specifically modified for dogs.  Hydrotherapy is known to speed up recovery after an injury or surgery as well as assist with gentle no impact exercise for dogs that suffer from arthritis. 

All dogs that are recovering from any form of injury or have any health conditions have to be referred by your vet before we can design any form of exercise regime for them.

In addition to the benefits for dogs recovering from injuries, swimming is also an excellent way to burn off excess energy for those “busy” dogs.  Dogs that are overweight also benefit from this gentle form of exercise which does not put any added pressure on their joints.  Watch out for our new Spa package specifically designed for overweight dogs.


Benefits of hydrotherapy.

1) Non weight- bearing ( so no concussive force on the joints)

2) Cardiovascular exercise

3) Superior flexion of joints.

4)  Core muscles activated

5)  Improves strength and improves proprioception

6) Reduces pain and inflammation.                         

                                    So much fun when we teach pups how to swim too.