"K9" & Protection Academy

“K9” Academy Dog Hotel

Office No: 071 382 8772

Email: info@trainingk9.co.za

As from the 1st May we will be accepting dogs and cats for boarding with extreme care and attention to detail regarding social distancing when checking in and out.  Please ensure that you read our protocols on the booking email.

Boarding is truly not the correct term for us; we really are a dog hotel!  While you are away we strive to ensure that your pets have a fun and relaxing time.    

All visitors are treated as part of our family and receive lots of love and attention.  Sociable dogs have plenty of opportunity to play with our dogs and other visitors in our large gardens. 

We strive to provide suitable emotional enrichment for each guest with different toys and activities planned for each day from walks and games of fetch to swimming in our heated pool for those who have stiff joints or are not able to take part in high impact exercise.  We also offer gentle massage and grooming to help them to feel more comfortable.

We welcome all ages from young puppies to very old dogs and all ages in-between.  The one stipulation is that all visitors have to be fully vaccinated before they can book in. 

We offer dormitory rooms where several friends can sleep together in big fluffy soft beds or private rooms for those that prefer not to socialize.  Each bedroom has freshly made beds and we prefer the dogs to bring a blanket or cushion from home to ensure that they can feel relaxed and settle in with the familiar smell.