"K9" & Protection Academy

Meet the Team.....

Derek Meyer

Derek is a retired pilot and an engineer who found his true passion in life working with dogs.  He is the Academy director and in addition to working with the dogs he is also responsible for all the boring management stuff. Derek loves all animals but has an amazing ability to communicate with dogs and to really draw the best out of them.  His particular training passions are agility, tracking and search and rescue.  He continually challenges himself with new designs for the hydro and step down facility, environmental enrichment for the dog gardens and mobility for the paralyzed patients. 

Derek's favorite sport is IPSC shooting and he loves sharing his love of weapons, shooting and advanced driving with all his students.  He is a dedicated trainer and puts his heart into all he does.

Derek is owned by his tracker called “Harley” who has an amazing nose and an insatiable desire to work which is a good thing as he really loves his food so needs to work off the extra kg’s.

Moira Meyer

Moira has a background of working with security dogs and is a qualified civil detective and reaction officer. Her love of animals and  people and has led her to further her passion for helping each person to develop their relationship with their dog.  In addition to being qualified as a trainer by both Canine Culture (McKaynine Training) and by Hills as a Puppy Trainer, she also passed her Centre of Applied Pet Ethology CO1 with distinctions and is registered as an intern with ABC.  She is currently furthering her studies in behavioural science and her particular love is to work with aggressive dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. 

Moira is owned by her German Shepherd “Tara” who is a brilliant tracker and has also got the somewhat dubious honor of having swallowed the first engagement ring that Derek gave Moira.  (Now That was a test of his love!!!)

Moira and Derek are a match made in heaven as they both love dogs and eat, sleep and dream of ways to improve training and care for all dogs.  “K9” Academy is home to several foster dogs in addition to the “family” of dogs which currently totals 13  ranging in size from a Maltese to a wolf, 2 cats and some fish.

The team is completed by Dee Tzacos.  She is the lovely voice on the phone and the one that makes sure all the admin is up to date and done correctly.  Dee also provides all the delicious snacks and teas that are served at classes and when she is not receiving and dispatching dogs and sorting out admin she is happily catering for parties and conferences. Dee is owned by her beautiful rescue german shepherd called Kiara